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Personal stash

You can keep some items in the chests to save slots in your inventory.

  • If you have a castle or town there is a chest in the castle for your personal use.

  • The hidden chests in the town streets (there are two as I know) can be used as personal stash. The items will remain until you need them. Spoiler 1: the chests are in Valonbray and Rane. In one of these chests you will find a Qualis Gem, in the other some various loot. Spoiler 2: There is a chance that one of the travellers travellers will tell you a story about the hidden chest. You must pay for it (first 10 denars then 200). Then some various loot will 'spawn' in the hidden chest. You can do this multiple times.

  • It is not possible to store horses in the chest.

  • The purpose of the the chests on the battlefield is to replenish your arrows or lances. Open and close the chest and you will have full bag of arrows again.

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