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This list contains mainly the prequisites you need to invent orders. Screenshots of the various Order Knights can be watched here. Faction specific honor troop chapters can be erected anywhere if you joined that faction, but NOT if you have only chosen that faction for your kingdoms culture. Otherwise, any capital city (owned by da king) has an existing one (Therefore the must be in the list). So can the cities/castles which are listed as prequisite for a specific order - e.g. Rangers of the Clarion Call.

Wether or not that order exists is preset before every new game. So if you take that city, and you´re lucky, you´ll be able to train them there the second you claim the town instead of spending a Qualis Gem, a lot of money and having the needed honor prequisite for it.

If you want another different order at the same location, you´ll have to break down the existing one via Steward Menue and build a new one. One order per town/castle you own. If you give away the castle to one of your lords, you won´t be able to train honor troops there anymore. The lord won´t get them as party reinforcements but the odd spare trooper will show up for garrison duty. So don´t give away order castles/towns.

Please note as well that UPGRADING honor troops works globally. So if you fancy the idea to pump your Immortals up to maximum stats and proficiencies be aware that this applies to every single Immortal out there. Sylas Uzas, all the Empire Lords, Renegade Knight parties etc. Think twice before you boost a certain order or pick a really unique one only you can train. But be sure no unique spawn uses them - otherwise you´ll realise how powerful these units are pretty fast.

OR means granted in the city if you´re not vassal of the certain faction.
OR/AND means in case you´re lucky and it´s there all you need to do is own the city. If you´re unlucky and it isn´t there, you need to hit the other prequisites too.

A-Knights of the Dragon /15 Honor/Faction must be Ravenstern OR must be in Rane/Upgraded from Ravenstern Knights
-Better Ravenstern Knights - Shields, Lances, Swords.

B-Knights of the Lion/10 Honor/Faction must be Sarleon OR must be in Sarleon/Upgraded from Sarleon Knights
-Better Sarleon Knights - Best available Warhorse, Jousting Lance, Sword, Morning Star, Shield.

C-Immortals/10 Honor/Faction must be The Empire OR must be in Janos/Upgraded from Legionnaires
-Better Legionnaires - toughest infantry around.

D-Windriders/10 Honor/Faction must be D'Shar OR must be in Torbah/Upgraded from D'Shar Horsemen
-Armored Horse Archers - fast, deadly, wicked.

E-Lady Valkyries/10 Honor/Faction must be Fierdsvain OR must be in Javiksholm/Upgraded from Valkyries
-Better Valkyries though slower horses. No Shields. 2 handed Swords.

F-Knights of the Griffin/20 Honor/Must have a Qualis Gem AND Sir Darlion (Sarleon Claimant) in Party/Upgraded from Pendor Knights
-Heavy Cavalry - Lance, Sword, Shield.

G-Knights of the Falcon/15 Honor/Must have Sir Rayne OR Madame Ursula (Ravenstern Claimant) in Party/Upgraded from Pendor Knights
-Heavy Cavalry - Lance, Sword, Shield, Morning Star.

H-Knights of the Raven Spear/10 Honor/Player must own Poinsbruk OR/AND have a Qualis Gem/Upgraded from Pendor Knights
-Heavy Cavalry - Morning Stars, Shields.

J-Rangers of the Clarion Call/10 Honor/Player must own Laria OR/AND have a Qualis Gem/Upgraded from Pendor Knights
-Heavy armored mounted “Rangers” - horse archers.

K-Knights of the Dawn/25 Honor/Player must own Valonbray OR/AND have a Qualis Gem/Upgraded from Pendor Knights
-Very tough melee cavalry.

L-Knights of the Ebony Gauntlet/10 Honor/Must have a Qualis Gem/Upgraded from Pendor Foot Knights
-Assault Infantry with crossbow and warhammers - plain destruction.

M-Shadow Legion Centurions/10 Honor/Must have a Qualis Gem/Upgraded from Legionnaires
-Mounted Legionnaries.

N-Silvermist Rangers/10 Honor/Must have a Qualis Gem/Upgraded from Pendor Grey Archers
-Best ranged troops, superior archers.

O-Knights of the Unicorn/20 Honor/Must have Sir Timothy in Party/Upgraded from Pendor Knights
-Weakest Order of all.Only advantage over normal troops is armor rating, if you fancy blue.

P-Knights of the Radiant Cross /15 Honor/Player must own Ethos/Upgraded from Pendor Knights
-Melee cavalry,
spear, 1h sword and morning stars

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