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~By Ãbyss.

You'll find a lot of ground covered in this guide,but do not expect to find ANY kind of spoilers,cheats or that style of material.

Legal stuff;
All rights of this guide are reserved by the author.
Copyright 2009 Mete E. Çetin
Distribution/Publishing without permission from the author is forbidden.
Please contact Ãbyss via Taleworlds forums if you wish to publish content from this guide for personal use.

Credits go to: PoP Team,for this one hell of a mod,obviously.
Fawzia,for being such a great help all throughout the process,and doing the editing and keeping the guide neutral.
Littlemikey,for this great wiki to put the guide up to,and the location improvements list.
Pode,for the very skillfully prepared weapon damage calculation table.
Skitarii,for his detailed information on knighthood order troops.
Saxondragon,for his complete support of the making of this guide.
Whoever that was that posted the troop trees on this wiki,was very helpful,thank you.

Thank you all,for all the helpful bits and detail and let it be known that this guide would have not been the same without your help.
Now,on to the guide!

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